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We offer two options for joining our dealer network and taking advantage of our Special Finance Sales System. Both programs deliver car loan applications to you every day, but the PreQual program uses our proprietary IntelliLead scoring model to assess the buyer’s credit quality.

You get the benefit of a credit-scored lead without a hard credit pull, courtesy of the unique relationship we have with Experian as a licensed financial services company.

To be clear, these are not trigger leads – these buyers apply for a car loan through our network, and we validate the information via our bureau partners.

Here's a quick feature comparison to help you decide which program is right for you:

Feature PreQual
13 Field Car Loan Application
Verified Contact Information
Fraud Checked
Make and Model Neutral
IntelliLead Scoring Model

Remember, we work with you to customize your program according to how your store operates -- territories can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Plus, we can give you peace of mind on the consumer protection front. We take the threat of identity theft seriously and maintain rigorous data protocols to ensure that all of our operations meet the requirements set by the Red Flags Rule from the FTC.

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