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Lead Sources

As one of the largest generators of online car loan applications since 2002, we know a lot about advertising and conversion.

Organic and In-House Marketing

There is no denying that Organic Search and SEO is here to stay and for many businesses a source of high quality leads. Our websites such as,, along with many others, provide unique leads which convert rather than consume and waste your time.

Paid Search

Paid search is a big part of our business, in fact, we spend over 1,000,000 a month on in pay-per-click advertising. We have perfected the process of getting car buyers to click, and fill out a car loan application and have a quality above anyone else in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

IFMG has always been ahead of its time. With Social Media, this is no exception. Through highly targeted ads and remarketing to potential customers that have visited a site of ours once before we have a social marketing strategy that works to increase sales!

Marketing Solutions

Auto Finance Leads

Interested in what our lead program has to offer your dealership? We generate real people wanting to buy cars, online through a complex marketing plan consisting of pay-per-click and search engine optimation. Leads apply on one of our hundreds of sites like or and they are run through our private Intelli-LeadTM platform, validated and then sent directly to you.

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Never let another lead fall through the cracks. With FUEL, our unique follow-up solution – we will send automated emails & text messages and give you tools such as live chat and compliant texting. FUEL increases appointments and drives sales while your "busy work" decreases.

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Lead Management

IFMG's proprietary system, DOLLAR, works to manage your lead flow and user distribution, remove duplicates, import leads, integrate with all of the credit bureaus, coordinate appointments and keep leads engaged, all in one easy to use dashboard.

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Vanity Numbers

When you add a vanity number to your lead program you get exclusive usage in your area. Our research team has found that dealers who use our numbers, such as 1-800-CAR-LOAN, can sell twice as many vehicles compared to only using leads acquired via the internet.

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