Recognizing that the car business has changed since we started doing finance marketing in 1989, we've updated the 1-800-CAR-LOAN package to offer mobile and web support in addition to rights to use the phone number.1-800-CAR-LOAN

What does this mean for you?

  • You get the exclusive right to use 1-800-CAR-LOAN in your advertising in your local market for the duration of your contract. You can choose whether the calls route directly to your store or to a BDC of your choice.
  • You leverage the 1-800-CAR-LOAN mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phones to help target car shoppers who may visit but bounce from your website.
  • Your dealer branding and your inventory will be featured on a mobile-ready website - 1800carloan.com - that puts your store in front of mobile consumers in your market.
  • We provide banner ads and logo files for you to use to promote 1-800-CAR-LOAN in your local market.

In addition, our research has shown that dealers who use 1-800-CAR-LOAN in their advertising sell twice as many vehicles as those using Internet leads alone. Think of what that could do for your bottom line.

But there's only one license available in each market - contact us today to lock it up for your store!

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